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Monica C. Gary - Author
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One Day At A Time - 10 Day Devotional
for Teens and Young Women

STEPS is a program started by Monica Gary aimed to help encourage, motivate and inspire people into action! STEPS stand for Start Toward Effective Preparations for Success. When most people think about success he or she may think about someone who has a great job, a large house or lots of money, but real success really comes from one source and that’s God. When you live your life to please God, you will be successful and in turn realize your purpose in life! Some of the things that STEPS promotes include positive self image, healthy living, goal setting, empowering women and spiritual growth. If we are going to have strong communities, it starts with strong families and individuals. In this society, many people are faced with a lot of hardships and at times are in need of someone who can lend a helping hand. As believers, it is our job to reach out, invest and provoke change in our communities.